entransys vision

Our Vision is to position "Information Technology"(IT) as “Business Technology”(BT) to our clients.

Our Mission is to translate "Information Systems"(IS) as “Business Solutions”(BS) to our clients.

Our Approach

Entransys approach and methodology is aimed towards converting the Business Chain into Value Chain and ensures the reconfiguration of Business processes to maximize the Business value. The ever demanding Business environment on one side and Technological changes in IT on the other side has changed the role of IT in the organizations. ERP systems are no longer transaction processing systems only but also are Tactical Planners and Strategic Tools for the organization. Digital Enterprise is becoming the buzz word and a true Digital Enterprise is one which reconfigures its Business processes to maximize its Business value chain and also at the same time embraces the latest technology for the realization of these processes. Analytics holds the key to enable real time data driven decision making and generate Business value with measurable Return on Investment. It supports Business Transformation through actionable insights generated from the corporate data. Entransys aims to create the Digital Enterprise with the help of a systematic Framework in which, the Firm is only adopts the Industry Best practices but also apply them in an ERP environment with the most optimal technology.

Our Organization

Entransys is a Delivery centric organization and approaches IT consulting and implementation services with the sole objective of creating Sustainable competitive advantage to its clients. Entransys has special focus on Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services Insurance and Oil & Gas industry verticals. Entransys has alliances with some of the leading software product companies and IT Service Providers. Entransys is in the process of entering into partnership with SAP and Oracle in India, Middle East and America. Similarly Entransys will work very closely with some of the global IT service partners in various parts of world. India is going to be the Delivery Center for global clientele. Initially Entransys will pursue interests in Middle East and in USA. The future roadmap of Entransys includes expansion to Singapore, Australia and Africa.